Saturday, September 27, 2003

Last night

Last night was ridiculous. What am I, 21 years old?

I started off the evening going to Tremont Music Hall to see a few bands with Ingrid, a friend from Greenville, SC. She's a cool chick who likes to travel the southwest to see good bands. The band that really caught my ear was called Eastern Youth. They are from Tokyo and are super nice. I even bought their CD. Here's a picture of them in action.

At some point during the night I ran into Dutch. Dutch was celebrating because he got a cool new job. He's going to be working in the position I am vacating. We're both excited about new beginnings, I reckon. Here are a few pictures that show how happy old Dutch was.

Before you accuse me of trying to shame the guy, he told me to put these up. Of course he told me last night but, as you can see, he was rockin' out.

One thing I notice last night was that every guy under 25 looked like he was in the Strokes. That kept me amused.

The headliner Cursive was a disappointment. Ingrid pointed out that the siger was probably the drunkest person in the club. They played a quick set and then Ingrid dropped me off at the Comet Grill because Lenny, John Wicker and Bobby Donaldson were playing. Here's a picture of Lenny and John.

Wendell was there along with a few of Lenny's sisters. Wendell and I closed the place and helped Lenny load his gear into his van. Lenny was nice enough to give us a ride home and we talked a bit and had a few more beers and I showed him a couple songs from the Led Zep DVD.

My head hurts.

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