Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Ka pow

Nothing has been happening recently. That's why my blog has been a mere depot of links to other peoples' thoughts. I have been trying to cause little events in my life which would lead to interesting blog entries. I have been jumping through doorways hoping to catch my forehead at the top. I have been executing superfluous jumps off of sidewalks and cutting across traffic on my bicycle. I even set my cat on fire but that wasn't interesting, just gruesome.

But last night. Yes, last night. While I was sleeping something happened and today when I viewed the area where the incident took place I could find no clues as to what happened in the dark.

I had been asleep for about half and hour when around 12:30 I heard a big bang. I'm a heavy sleeper so if a noise woke me up it was loud. I thought it may have been a gunshot, maybe a firecracker or a stack of two by fours dropped onto cement surface. The noise came from the back courtyard of our building and it felt like it had been really close. I have a window that faces the yard at the head of my bed. I carefully pulled down one of the slats of the blind. It had been raining all night and the moisture prevented me from seeing any detail of the back courtyard. Shit, I thought, that was really loud. My roommate was still up playing video games. I wondered if he had heard that noise. All this took about twenty minutes.

I went out and asked him if had heard a noise a little while earlier. Yes, he said he had even seen a blue flash. A blue flash? What the fuck does that mean? Was it a gun? A big firecracker? A meteorite? No, not loud enough for a meteorite. Maybe it was a pile of two by fours exploding...

I sat there for a few minutes and watched Wendell play the video game. Dang, that was a big noise, I thought. As the clock approached one I decided to not worry about it and try to go back to sleep. Surprisingly I did.

This morning as I walked through the backyard to the bus stop I looked around for clues to last night's big bang. I saw nothing. There were only a few extra leaves on the ground that had been torn from the surrounding trees by last night's windy autumnal rain storm.

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