Monday, September 29, 2003

First day of new job

Today I started my new job at the regional library near my home. I think I am going to like it there. The new boss is real nice and she gives us a lot of freedom. I guess she figures that we are professionals and don't need someone to remind us of what needs to be done. Pretty nice concept.

All of my new coworkers are nice also. I am going to miss the people I have been working with for the last several years and it's going to be hard to keep in touch with them. The last job I left I went back a few times but it was always a little awkward.

Already today I lamented that lack of restaurants within walking distance of the new gig. I got spoiled by working downtown. It looks I will have to start bringing my lunch to work more often or start to develop a taste for Harris Teeter samiches.

What did feel good though was when I was walking to lunch and realized I had just spent my first four hours as a real librarian. It's literally taken ten years of school and 13 years of my life to get to where I am right now.

What happens next?

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