Monday, September 01, 2003

The band

Saturday afternoon a guy who used to play bass in my roommate's former band held a Labor Day party. It's an annual even that I have been to only once before. It surprised me when Wendell said this would be the sixth one. Maybe the sixth one. I guess he hashed that out with a couple of guys that have been to others and since they always ended up smashed at each event they couldn't determine how many there have been. Let's call it six.

I stayed for a few hours and then took the bus home. Walt called me a "Nancy" for leaving early but I bet I felt better the next day than he did. Besides it was obvious I wasn't going to score so I figured I go home where there was air conditioning.

Here's a picture of Wendell performing with his most recent project. They don't have a name yet just like that band on Happy Days.

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