Sunday, August 10, 2003

Who's to say?

I had such a warm fuzzy day today except for those dang dudes that woke me up. That is so far in the past that I forgive them. Especially after I found out that our manager forgot to send a letter out that would have informed us that construction workers would be banging on the side of our buildings at such an early hour. Good thing rent here is super cheap or I would consider complaining.

How I warm fuzzied the day: burned CD's of good stuff for peoples. I wish I had time to make a mix for Tom but you can't do everything. I spent some time and finished reading the graphic novel "The Crow" that Martin loaned me. I'm still digesting that disturbing work. Read more of "Kavalier and Clay." Watched a movie with fellow bloggers. I will do a major picture post and blog link of that tomorrow.

Our movie night consisted of watching a half hour of "Godzilla 2000" which is the standard Japanese rubber suited Go-Jira with some nice digital touches. We then watched "Raging Bull." What an amazing and challenging movie!

After that I got home and strolled to a new club within walking distance of my home called "The Room." Playing there was David Childers. Dang, he's good. All I have to say about the usual soul cleansing Childers' show is the picture of his guitar player, Eric Lovell, which is below this text.

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