Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Vacation rocks

You may be wondering if I'm bored yet since I have been on vacation since August 8th. The answer is, fuck no. I think I've been out of bed before ten a.m. once. Heaven.

Whenever anyone asks me what I do in my free time I give the usual answers like reading, playing on the 'puter, television, riding my bike and long walks in the rain. I never mention an acitvity which I realized last night that deserves mention: listening to music.

I have a fairly large collection of CD's and most that are self-burned are bootlegs. Last night and Sunday night Wendell and I spent a few hours sitting in the front room listening to music. Television off and tunes just playing.

Sometimes when Chris, Wendell and I listen to music we get excited and start playing DJ. Running into the room and grabbing a handful of CD's and playing a song or two from several albums. Sometimes I enjoy doing that more than playing full albums, especially with CD's since many of them now run over an hour.

So I'm going to add that to my list, listening to tunes. It's a hobby, dammit.

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