Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Memory Lane

Around five years ago or so my friend Jeff called me up and
said, "Let's go to Georgia and buy some lottery tickets." I
don't remember if I was on vacation and lazing around the
apartment or if I just had a three-day weekend but I was
free and said, "Sure, I ain't doin' nothin.'"

He came by my place and we hopped in my dearly departed
1986 gray-silver Honda Accord and got on I-85 and headed
toward the Georgia border.

We made it to the Georgia border in a few hours and
purchased the lottery tickets. Jeff then noticed that
Royston, GA was just 30 miles down the road. Located
in Royston is Ty Cobb's tomb. What the hell, we thought,
it's not that far away. So we depart for Royston, GA.

Finding Ty Cobb's tomb in Royston was easy since there
were signs directing you to the graveyard which housed
the tomb. The tomb it self was anticlimatic.
What struck me most about the whole experience was
the town. The graveyard was bordered on one side
by a railroad track. On one side of the tracks the town
was mostly white and middle class. On the side of the tracks
the graveyard was on the residents were mostly black
and definately not middle class. I had heard of the phrase
"wrong side of the tracks" but I had never seen it displayed
so before.

While driving around Royston we noticed that Athens was
only about 30 miles away and we had heard that Athens
was a good place to go and get drunk. We figured, what
the hell, it's not that far away...

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