Thursday, August 21, 2003

And he spake and they was mostest afraid

The other night the Lord spoke to me in a dream. He spoke of unity, clarity, #2 pencils and the workin' man. The Lord actually said, "workin' man." He said to me, after that first bit of stuff, that I should find some way to show the world 'the workin' man.' He said I should use my blog and it's minute but elite corps of readers to distribute an image, that I was to capture, that showed the true spirit of "the workin' man."

I was awed and diminished in the presence of the lord and creator. I mean, how could it be possible for someone of my means and talent to capture the essence of "the workin' man?" I was stunned into inactivity and spent the afternoon finishing up "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress" by Robert Heinlein. It's story of a revolt against an opressive government ringing truer than it ever had before. The only book I have ever read more times than this novel was the policy and procedures manual at work.

Later in the afternoon I was practicing my handstand against the wall in my apartment's library and I heard Wendell pull up in his car, arriving home after another day of working for the Man. I grabbed my camera and captured the following image of the Big Fella coming in the door. He's dang happy to be home but still a touch frazzled from his day in the machine. It's the essence of "the workin' man" and it'll solidfy my reputation as a taker of snapshots worthy of any family album.

So I give submit this picture to you deer rider and also to you, Lord. I hope I have pleased my god.

I also have a challenge that goes along with this picture. Find these following items and you'll win a prize:

1) A bust of Abraham Lincoln
2) Richard Nixon's visage on a button
3) A skeleton with a smiley face
4) The Led Zeppelin DVD
5) A can of Duff Beer
6) A baseball sitting in a candle holder
7) Wendell

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