Monday, July 21, 2003

Who is this woman?

Once again at the dirt track in Lancaster Chris and I sat in turn 4.
We initially sat down near the end of the front stretch but we
decided that turn 4 seats were superior. After the Pledge of
Allegiance, invocation and Star Spangled Banner we picked
up our coolers and headed down to turn 4 bleachers
and the very partisan fans that can be found there.

She was there again. She had tight jean shorts, shoulder
length curly blonde hair, petite but with big thighs,
she was pumped full of Mountain Dew and,
when the superstock division came out, she
double barrelled the bird to Timbo Mangum again.
Each time this driver came around turn four she would
extend both her arms forward and signal to Timbo her
displeasure with his participationin this event. Whether
they preparing to race, racing or if they were
under the yellow flag when Timbo came by she had
all guns blazing. As Chris pointed out to me, once
his car passed and she pulled her weapons of discontent
back, she would appear very satisfied.

If you every do head out to Lancaster Speedway
I recommend depositing your ass in the turn 4 grandstand.
One thing you will be guaranteed is that you will not be
the drunkest person in your section unless you start
drinking at lunch.

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