Thursday, July 17, 2003


Walking from the bus stop today I saw at the intersection of Trade
and Tryon that Operation Save America
was having a big anti-baby killing rally. I decided to join them because
I am also against baby killing. After a few seconds I realized that
they were referring to unborn fetuses. I'm all for getting unwanted
dividing cells out of your uterus. Although I do think that if it can
survive on its own it's a person and shouldn't be aborted. At that
point I think it's best to deliver the unwanted child and leave it in
dumpster so it can die from exposure. I also believe in retrocative
abortion up to two years old. I mean, if the kids a fucking monster
or a total 'tard there's no reason not to trade it in for a new one.

Once I realized that it was an anti-abortion, pro-life, turn-a-blind-
eye to doctor killing fascist Christian, we're right and your going
to hell rally, I had to leave because I was smiling at the crying
preacher and almost starting to laugh. I can picture it now if
the head whacko preacher had asked my why I was laughing.
The only response I could have made would be, "I don't know.
You tell me, you're the one doing a comedy show."

It's been a long time since I had been standing among
so many pinch faced, gingham wearing, right wing
Christians. It was disturbing. Their kind seem to be
multiplying. For people who seem to be against fucking
they sure seem to be pushing out units.

It's just amazing to me to watch these people. That's
the real reason I went and stood among them. They
fascinate me. I can't understand such devotion to
a translated text of figurative language. Maybe that's
why they're so fanatical. At the core of their being
they know they are blowing smoke up their own
butts and maybe by working themselves into a
frenzy they can feel something.

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