Thursday, July 24, 2003

Three guys chatting

Big Guy: Can you believe she has a blog?
Long Haired Guy: Not really, but I have read some of it. It's surprisingly funny.
Old Guy: She has a blog?
Big Guy: You're three steps behind, man.
Old Guy: Is it good?
Long Haired Guy: It's funny. You know those whack-ass dreams you
have that you take 15 minutes to describe.
Old Guy: Yeah.
Long Haired Guy: That's what happens to her everyday.
Big Guy: What most people dream, she lives through.
Old Guy: Bad dreams, right?
Long Haired Guy: No, just weird and often unfortunate.

Read on duh bus: The Locusts have no King by Dawn Powell
Listened to on duh bus My aim is true by Elvis Costello

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