Sunday, July 20, 2003

Personality Testamentation

Cake or Pie: Cake
Manual or Automatic: Manual
Beatles or Stones: John Lennon
Veggie Pizza or Meat Pizza: Meat
DVD or VHS: Holodeck
Glass bottles or Plastic: Glass
Elvis Costello or Elvis Presley: The big E singing Little E's songs
Late Night Comedy: Daily Show
Batman or Superman: Bats
Avengers or Fantastic Four or the X-Men: Avengers
Young or Mature Donald Hall: Mature
Domestic or Import: What's your special tonight?
Paper or Plastic: Hurry up!
Boxers or Briefs: Boxer briefs
Primus or Frog Brigade: Primus
Butthole Surfers or Kinks: Brown eye
Sex or Friends: Both?
Cigarettes or a Long Life: Medical science
Voyeurism or Happy Coincidence: Voyeurism
Ignorance or Stupidity: Asshole
Chicago or Missippi blues: Mississippi
Favorite Monkee: Mickey
Favorite KISS member: Ace
Potsi or Ralph Mouth: Ralph
Laverne or Shirley: Laverne
Fast or Slow: What's best for you?

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