Thursday, July 31, 2003

Paintings at Work

I wouldn't call these prints art. I wouldn't even refer to them
as interesting. They just are. They are pastel street scenes
of a neighborhood that could exist in Charleston but, more
than likely, they are fictional. They remind me of the "paintings"
by that horrid artist that paints all those cabins that sit
next to rivers nestled at the foot of snow peaked
mountains. These paintings that I see everyday
are less inspiring.

One of our favorite activities at work is take take one
of the paintings off the wall and put them back up
upside down. It amuses us like grade school kids
are amused by pissing in their teachers coffee. The
only problem with our hijinks is that no one ever
notices and we end up putting the picture back onto
the wall correctly out of frustration.

What's the point of being bad if no one is going
to notice?

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