Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Ah, the general pubic

One of the great things about being an employee of a government institution
is that the smaller-minded people that you deal with think you work directly for
them so they decide that it is OK to treat you like a servant.

I could cite as an example the lady we call "Evil Antique Lady" and her tendency
to hang up on us and the various people who ask for your manager the second
you recommend they enter a library and do research.

But, now I recall the most rudest person of...allllll. Yesterday some guy called up
and I could tell by the quaver in his voice that he was already angry. He wanted
a telephone number and he phrased his question as a challenge. He said
something like "I need a phone number for Jane Doe. Do you think you
can find that for me?" I gave him the number I could find and he hung up.
Fine call over.

He calls back in a few minutes and David gives him another number. He was a
little more angry because the first, that he got from me, was "incorrect." It was
probably disconnected but that doesn't make in necessarily incorrect, does it?

I get the next call from chuckles. He starts off by telling me that all the numbers
we have given him have been incorrect and that we are incompetent and do I
think I can give him the correct goddamn number this time. Quite a mouthful.
During his tirade I try to start a dialogue where I can determine if he copied the
numbers down wrong or if they were correct and just disconnected. But he's
just mad and wants to insult me. After he said 'goddamn' I do tell him that I am
not reqired to continue a conversation is he continues to swear at me.

He winds down a bit and mentions that he is going to inform some friend of his
that works for the city government about our "gross imcompetence." Not willing
to let a douche bag wind bag wind down too far I inform him that he shouldn't
really talk to his friend in the city government because we get our budget from the
county. He then orders me to give him the number that David just gave him.
I tell him I'll speak slowly and clearly so he'll get it correct. He cuts me off halfway
through and tells me to stop patronizing him and that "Ill have your fucking job"
because "I am one of the biggest tax payers in this county." I finish reading the
number and then he hangs up without another word.

That's an approximation of what happened because I got made abot halfway through
it and I don't remember exactly how it all went. I do have a message for this guy though:
Fuck you, buddy, you're a douche.

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