Friday, June 20, 2003

Things rarely work out this well

I did a google search a couple of weeks back looking to see if I could find anyone who had copy of shows by the Australian singer/songwriter, Paul Kelly. I came across a posting by a guy on some bulletin board. In his posting he announced he was looking for recordings because he wanted to put together a compilation CD of Paul Kelly's American tour from the winter of 2001.

On a whim I emailed the guy and he said he had the compilation done and that it was four CD's long and had a bunch of songs on it from the Asheville show that Chris, Wendell and I went to. I was...excited by this news.

I should note that Chris loves Paul Kelly. He loves Paul Kelly so much that if Chris could have surgery that would allow him to carry and give birth to Paul Kelly's child he would submit to such surgery.

I get the CD's in the mail and I immediately searched for the piece of resistance of these recordings: Chris doing call and response with Paul Kelly on the song "To Her Door." Naturally the song we wanted to hear the most was the last song on the last CD of four. Wendell and I sat here last night and heard Chris and Paul Kelly trading lines on "To Her Door." It was beautiful and very funny.

Chris came by later and I played it for him also. He was both embarrassed and proud. It means a lot to me to have in my possession something that was so powerful and cool live. Things never work out this well. Chris and I spent two hours last night writing down the set list of the first two CD's. Thank god there are fanatics out there to put such documents together.

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