Thursday, June 26, 2003

No means no. I said "no." I mean it. No, no, no! I mean it, no. I'm going home. I don't care what your side thinks. Wah, wah, wah!

The pigheadedness and inflexibility as shown in this interview with MPAA president, Jack Valenti, displays quite satisfactorily why everyday joes hate the MPAA and the RIAA.

I download one song. I listen to that song. I then delete it without sharing it or burning it to a CD. As far as they are concerned I am a thief. Everybody does this so everyone is a thief. Are these guys really that fucking dumb?

These guys are grasping at straws. All this talk by these people reminds of the braying of a wildebeast that has a crocodile's snout up its ass. Which, by the way, is no longer against the law in Texas and North Carolina. Rump bump bump.

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