Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Living up to expectations

Ever read about a live show that is an event? A happening? One of those cool shows that has the potential to be a landmark? Ever been to one? Me neither.

A few weeks back I heard about the Stooges reuniting for a big festival in California called Coachella. I was especially excited when I learned that Mike Watt of the Minutemen was going to be on bass. Boo Yaa! Sounds like fun.

So, being poor, I naturally couldn't go to California for a festival even if it did have the Stooges and the White Stripes on the bill. I saw a few pictures of the show, read a couple of reviews of it and that was that. Seemed to me like everyone had a good time.

Lo and behold, a few days ago the show pops on a bootleg newsgroup. I was ecstatic. I downloaded and burned it without even previewing it. I didn't care about the sound quality, I just wanted a little taste of the event. How does the show sound? It sounds great. A little heavy on the bass but the crowd is appreciative and Iggy is just being Iggy. Musically the Stooges are not Zeppelin but they do know how to lay down a groove that Iggy can howl over.

I knew it was going to be special and this recording proved it, dammit.

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