Friday, June 06, 2003

Kickin' Butt

I had an interview today for a job in Olympia, WA. It's a job that is similar yet different to what I am doing now. That's a rather open statement. If I ride my bike in one direction today and another tomorrow am I not doing something similar yet different? You didn't know I was a philosopher, did you? On that note, we're all one and life is an illusion we are experiencing subjectively. Actually Bill Hicks said that.

Of all the interviews I have dones since I became a degreed librarian this was by far the strongest. I guess a little practice helps. I had some standard answers ready to questions you get axed in all interviews. That helped, a lot. Doing well on an interview feels a lot like passing a test in school that you were stressing on.

Today marked a first. When the interviewer signed off she told me that "this was a very good interview." Who knows, she may just be polite and say that to everybody. I felt good when she said it.

Fellow library employees take note: she told me that an application coming from a staff member of the Charlotte public library really caught her attention. She said she admires what our library has accomplished. So, don't be afraid to move on, our library system looks good on a resume. I guess that is a testament to my co-workers.

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