Monday, June 09, 2003

Doing a good deed

One day I decided that it was odd that I could never find a bootleg live recording by the blues artist, Junior Kimbrough. Granted he didn't tour like your average jam band but he did play some dates opening for Iggy Pop during the 90's and I know people record Iggy's shows. Why couldn't I find any Junior Kimbrough? It was not a concern as disturbing as el presidente's diction but I was perplexed.

One day I decided to see what google could do. To see what the sumbitch really had under the hood. I searched for about two hours for a live recording of Junior Kimbrough. I trade so many variations of the key words 'junior kimbrough' and such phrases 'show list' and 'tape list' and whatever other variation of those words I could think of. People list their show collections on their personal websites and I figured someone out there must have a listing a Kimbrough show.

I found one eventually. I emailed the person who had the list published and he wrote back the following day only to tell me that his burner was on the fritz. I tried again last month and we worked out a trade.

I immediately notified a group of blues nuts on a mailing list I am on and offered to start a CD tree. I got over thirty enthusiastic (some blathering with joy) responses to my announcement and I started sending the disks out to the branches of the tree today. It really felt good to distribute this show to so many people who so obviously were dying to get their hands on something that truthfully can be called 'rare.' Or as rare as anything created in the last ten years can be. Maybe I should call it 'hard to find.' It was my good deed for the month.

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