Saturday, May 31, 2003

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday: I related something similar to what happened yesterday in my blog last spring. Maybe it's a seasonal thing. I was standing, along with a lady, at the bus stop outside my apartment yesterday waiting to catch my morning ride to work. A car pulls up and a couple of blank eyed jesus freaks slither out of the car clutching those pamphlets that tell you all the ways god will send you to hell if you don't submit to their brainwashing.

The lady standing at the bus stop with me is a pleasent lady in her 40's that uses a cane to walk. She's closer to the freaks and can't move too fast so she doesn't have a chance. They swoop onto her. As they start pulling out those goddamn pamphlets she gives me that look the wildebeast in the jaws of the croc gives to the one scurrying up the opposite bank. She's too nice to say no to these leeches and she gives them her time. After I catch her eye I immediately turn my bank on the horror and become very engrossed in the book I was reading.

Just as the bus is pulling up and they release their victim one comes over to me and says "would you like something else to read also?" You have to admire their unlimited gall in the face of obvious displeasure. I say, "No, thanks."

I allow the nice lady with the cane on the bus first. She is holding one of the pamphlets. She says to me, "You got off easy!" and she cackles jovially.

I say to her, "They pick on us at the bus stop because they know we can't leave."


I got me a new bed a few days ago. It's a queen-sized behemoth that takes up almost one-quarter of the floor space in my bedroom. For the longest time I had a single bed and had forgotten the joys of a nice large bed. What a delight it is to really stretch out. I need to hurry up and get a girlfriend so I can break the new bed in.

This morning I woke up somewhere between 2 and 6 am. I was on my back and my orange cat, Gallagher the Invincible, was curled up in the crook of my left arm. He was using my elbow as a pillow. It was very cute but a little startling. I can't fall asleep on my back buy I always wake up there. Number one on a new list of ten things you may not know about me nor care to.

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