Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Oh, Intervention

"Those of us who may be persuaded by the laughable claim that U.S. intervention abroad works should reconsider some of the brutal facts of history: By 1973, America's military adventure in Vietnam had done little to stop the advance of the Communists (who were instead transformed into heroic martyrs thanks to the persecution they suffered at the hands of the Americans and their South Vietnamese crony allies) and had cost that country dearly. The only thing they left behind was a monumental body count of nearly two million Vietnamese killed as a result of U.S. ambitions abroad. Among the other things they left behind were fields littered with landmines and laced with chemical poisons like Agent Orange -- till this day, Vietnamese villagers are giving birth to children that are deformed, born without arms, legs, eyes or other vital organs, thanks to the U.S. use of weapons of indiscriminate mass destruction."

By Dr. Farish A. Noor printed in Yellow Times.

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