Monday, May 05, 2003

Lost Weekend

Friday: played guitar with the fellas. Chris came by and we were set to do a serious recording session. A occasional player and old friend came by after expressing a strong desire to "lay down some tracks" over the phone. He comes by, he's already half drunk and he proceeds to get shitfaced and belligerant. Outcome: ruined recording session and one pissed off Wendell.

Saturday: Nerdfest II. Not quite Hedonism II but just as exhausting. Dutch was kind enough to let me come along to see Bookpimp's new homestead for a marathon session of Axis and Allies. We actually played two games. Michael ran Germany into the ground quicker than we thought possible and then we played another game where I controlled Germany. I lost, of course. We've all taken a turn losing as Germany. There's got to be a way to win as Germany. I'm thinking an early amphibious assault on England along with a big wolfpack sub force might do the trick.

Sunday: Holy shit, my room is filthy. This is what I thought Sunday morning. I was up fairly early. I went to the store for eggs, cooked me up a nice breakfast and then cleaned the hell out of my room. It took a couple hours but after I finished it went from looking like a high schooler's room to looking like a college student's room. Diana was in town and she and I went to birthday party this couple we know was having for their 2-year-old. Other couples brought their two-year-olds. I haven't been around that many toddlers in a very long time. The experience did allow me to play my favorite two-year-old game: the toy trader. You have two or more toys and spend the next ten minutes exchanging the items back and forth. You give her the plastic ball, she gives you the counting toy. You give her the counting toy back and she gives you the plastic ball. Repeat. It's good bartering practice for the child.

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