Saturday, May 17, 2003

Ed goes to the new Matrix movie or Kaboom!, Part II

Man, Keanu Reeves can't act.

Watching this movie last night I can't but help compare it to the superiour Shaolin Soccer. Shaolin Soccer was a great action movie with characters you emathized with. The Matrix Reloaded is fair action movie with some truly inspired action sequences and two dimensional characters.

The only memorable acting is done by Hugo Weaving who plays the role of the ressurected and vengeful agent Smith who seems bent on trying to steal whatever power Neo has over the matrix.

I do reccomend that when any character starts talking that you call someone on your cell phone. I have never heard so much faux philosophy in my life. There are some very long circular and pointless discussions about the nature of whatever is supposed to be happening. Can we just get to the next fight, please?

Two sequences really stand out.

First there is a great fight between Neo and Agent Smith in an inner city playground. Smith seems to be able to transform other agents into himself and Neo is attacked by a literal horde of Smiths. It gets more ludicrous and fantastic as it goes on.

The best scene, which is up there with the truck scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark and the chase scene in the drainage ditch in Terminator II, is a chase that takes place on a freeway that left me breathless. This sequence alone is worth viewing this movie. I think they should show that scene twice. Just rewind it after it ends. It's just that good. Hell, it ends with to tractor trailers plowing head on into each other and then blowing up. What more could you want?

What the Matrix needs is a crossover appearance by Woliverine from the X-Men. Now that would be cool.

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