Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Designer drugs in the house

Just a short while ago these two hot girls in their early 20's almost as tall as me came over to me at the reference desk with their bare bellies before them to ask me if I could show them how to answer an important health question. They also had some guy with them but who cares about him. They wanted to know what you do with the staples after you get your stomach stapled. Do you leave them in or do they come out eventually. Good god damn question. They actually couldn't get on the internet because none of them had their internet card or ID. I sent them over to the reference desk.

Judging from their goofy behavior and the male's mood swings I think they were on one of those exotic designer drugs. Probably that new one that makes you see the world in a pink hue and hear house music in your head.

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