Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Weekend geetar playing

Sunday afternoon around 4 pm the tips of the fingers on my right hand were officially graded as hamburger. On Friday night Wendell and I played guitar for a while. On Saturday night Wendell, Chris B____ and I played guitar for an even longer time. On Sunday Jim B____ came by for an even longer jam session. We even had the One Big Loud Guy sitting in on whacked out vocalizing and scary harmonica playing. I still can't tell if I have been improving my playing recently. I am pretty sure that I haven't got worse in the last few monts. I have to say there is something exquisite about the tender pain of over-used finger tips. After a while it becomes hard to continue playing your instrument even though you desire to. Your arm muscles are tired, your hands start to cramp and your fingers are post-orgasm sensitive; yet you plow on.

That nonsense we refer to as the Bunker Brothers is now preparing to promote their first full-length album. If you are interested in ordering one let me know, we'll be happy to get the new Bunker Brothers album entitled "Can't Polish a Turd" out to you ASAP. I believe the going price is $2.50. These things will be Ebay gold in a few years. Well, not in a few years, maybe 100 years from now when the true genius of our output is appreciated. We have already begun work on our next album and we have a tentative release date of Christmas of this year in mind.

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