Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Ticketmaster is the great satan

I bought a ticket for a the Bob Dylan show in Asheville just a few minutes ago. Every time I buy a ticket through those scum bags I get pissed off. The ticket officially costs $33.50. Kinda high but I'll pay it. There is a $1.00 facility fee. Fine, the Asheville Civic Center looks like it could use some fixing up. No problem there. The kicker is you have to buy your ticket through Ticketmaster. I even tried to phone the civic center and use their box office. No dice, I got ticketmaster. So I went onto ticketmaster's webpage to buy the ticket.

Somehow Ticketmaster managed to charge me ten dollars extra for my ticket. The first $6.95 was a "convenience" charge? What the fuck does that mean? Is it convenient for me not to have to drive to Asheville today and buy my ticket so they figure they are entitled to whatever money I saved on gas? Fine take my seven bucks. After I enter my credit card information and address and all that there is a final bill and somehow they managed to tack on another $3.05 "order processing charge." What the fuck? Did I just pay them $6.95 for the honor of being charged $3.05? It's funny how all these charges somehow work out to exactly $10.00. Almost one quarter of my ticket cost goes to a middle man. This is a disgusting and crooked way of doing business. Ticketmaster's profits must be amazing. They make money providing a service that is unessential. They are leeches.

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