Friday, April 11, 2003

Operation Iraqi freedom

Hmmm, why is this war shit? Let's see...government organized rallies and mutilated children.

Enjoy your freedom, folks. Be sure to grab yourself a few chairs and desks from your former government's offices. It's a perfect start on those reparations for 20 years of oppression.

Ten more things you may not know about me

10) I attended Central Piedmont Community College for three years
9) I have a small hole in the top of my head
8) I once shot a squirrel and never hunted again
7) One of the coolest things I ever have done was watch my father shoot a mason jar with a 30-06 rifle
6) I gained 20 pounds in boot camp.
5) I can't eat cooked broccoli, spinach or cauliflower. I will gag. I can eat the same foods all day if left uncooked.
4) I love dogs but haven't had my own for almost 20 years.
3) I have four scars on my hands. One from a box cutter. One from wart surgery when I was a child. One from cutting my hand on the inside of the bumper while shutting the trunk of my Volkswagen Beetle back in high school. The fourth is from forgotten causes.
2) I am addicted to Mountain Dew.
1) I have used the greeting from work on my home telephone more than once.

shitty fuck

War with end, amen.

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