Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Music moments

We've all been to live shows so I thought if would be fun to list my favorite ten moments I have had during a live performance.
In no order:

- Southern Culture on the Skids at Tremont Music Hall playing Biscuit Eater during an encore one night about three years ago. It was an old song and they put a charge in it that was electrifying.

- Sitting in the grass at the feet of Doc Watson as he played a free outdoor show in the campground near Carrowinds.

- Seeing Neil Young and Crazy Horse for the first time in the spring of 1996 and hearing the opening to the song "Fuckin' Up."

- Saw James Cotton at a short-lived club in Rock Hill in 1997. He sat next to me and my friends at one point and as we encouraged him he said "for the first time tonight I really feel like playing the blues."

- Seeing R.L. Burnside for the first time in May 1997 in a tent on the Mississippi River in Memphis. Hell, each time I saw Burnside derserves a mention on this list.

- The opening of the KISS reunion tour in 1996, Paul Stanley in his purple trench coat and hat.

- A night we saw the Wire Mules at a place called Ty's and sitting there in awe next to Jeff as they finished an especially blazing set and Jeff said, "Wow, that wore me out."

- Seeing Johnny Rotten performing with PIL in San Diego in 1990. I didn't really believe he was real before then.

- Wendell dancing on stage at Tremont during a Southern Culture on the Skids show. As Jogen said, "that will forever be etched into my memory."

- The opening to the recent Flaming Lips show in Asheville.

- One of the hundreds of times a jam with Lenny Federal went into the stratosphere.

OK, that was eleven. I didn't even mention Mojo Nixon. Dang. There are a lot more but I think this works.

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