Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Lunch in the big city

Yesterday I had an appointment and I came into work a little before one. Yesterday was an especially beautiful day and there were people everywhere. I could not believe how crowded the sidewalks were. It was like a scene right out of New York City. Downtown Charlotte felt like a hustling and bustling metropolis. It was fun. I have to say that the increase of females in the work force is a positive thing from the aspect of one who enjoys walking around town on warm spring days, Yes sirree, bob.

Today I went to a place called Tic Toc to eat lunch. I like to go to Tic Toc on these mild spring days because it is my favorite place to sit outside and eat and then read for a bit. It's best to get there after 1 pm if you want to eat outside.

Today as I was sitting there reading Cannery Row by Steinbeck a woman was driving by in a small shitty early 80's compact car with a cell phone to her ear. She screamed the name "Bobby!!" into the phone so loudly that every diner sitting outside Tic Toc looked up from what they were eating wearing a look like their mother caught them doing something wrong. A second and half later, another hundred meters down the street we hear the same voice distantly shout the same name. This caused the little douche bag with black curly hair that was trying to impress the fat girl with too much make up and jowls with horrible jokes to ask all gathered, "Is she on her cell phone?" Yes she was, you Wild and Crazy Guy, now go back to wooing your wildebeest.

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