Friday, April 04, 2003

In the morning, traveling, breakfasting, sitting down to woik

Bus Stop: I arrived there right before the bus pulled up. Each time that happens I tell to the old smoker that works at Harris Teeter how much I love when that happens and how I wish that happened each time I came out for the bus. Today he complimented me on my timing. The temperature was over 60 this morning. I think I can finally hang my light jacket up until October.

On the Bus: An old aquaintance, one of those friends of a friend that came by our place a couple of times when it was party central, is a regular rider now. She used to work with Chris at Borders. I recall that Courtney, who now lives in Winston-Salem, doesn't like this girl because Courtney claims she was stalked by the new bus rider. I don't know about that but I do know that she is very tiny and bubbly because she has a new job and she makes me feel gigantic, clumsy and old.

Breakfast: Mmmm, Salsaritas breakfast burrito. I'm walking out and this beautiful bronze skinned goddess smiled at me. Wow, I must look sexy carrying a big breakfast burrito in a bag.

CVS drugs: Pop in for my morning Mountain Dew. The pretty cashier with the straightened hair was opening and smelling bottles of shampoo that were in a discount bin by the front door. They were 75% off.

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