Monday, April 21, 2003

Don't take your guns to town

I was doing laundry yesterday evening. I can walk to the laundry across the courtyard that I can access through the back door of my apartment. On my way to the laundry, to get my clothes that had just finished the drying cycle, I noticed a commotion at the apartment complex that is on the other side of a small sloping ravine at the edge of my back courtyard. I could see at least five police cars, a fire truck or two and an ambulance. They had been there a while and I could sense some tension so I planned to come out and take a gander at the proceedings after I took my folded clothes inside.

Just as I enterd my apartment with my load of fresh laundry I heard two muffled pops that were definately gun shots fired inside a room. I heard one of the paramedics shout "they shot 'im!" Looking out my back window I could see the paramedics scrambling like ants after you disturb their hill. They grabbed gear and hauled ass through a narrow courtyard and up the steps to a second floor apartment.

Casulty vampire that I am, I went outside and squatted where I could see through the trees in the ravine and up the narrow courtyard. All I saw was a couple of paramedics take a stretcher up the stairs and a police officer come down a minute later all alone and stand in the parking lot. Was he contemplating what he had just done, was he physically ill from what he had witnessed another do or was he just coming out for air? I don't know but he did glance over at me and the 40 to fifty yards between us was too close for my voyeurism so I went back inside.

You can read about the incicdent here.

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