Friday, March 28, 2003

Who believes this shit?

I just saw an advertisement on TV for that travesty called the Hummer 2. You see a yellow H2 moving in slow motion across a landscape that is either the planet Mercury, Mordor or a volcano. All these phrases that are meant to imply strength and individuality flash across the screen as the H2 moves gradually out of slow motion and is then seen zooming across this black ashy landscape as if the ring bearer is in a child restraint seat in the back and the Nazgul are swooping down behind it.

My question is are there people out there that actually buy into this bullshit? Do those that drive these behemoths believe in their hearts that they are asserting their individuality and displaying their sexual virility as they drive these boxes to work at the bank? Or are we all participating in one big circle jerk? If so, please, don't get none on me.

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