Monday, March 10, 2003

Things that went wrong in the phone interview I just finished

1) Didn't have a glass of water with me to relieve my mouth as it got dry from talking and nervousness.
2) Left a window open that Gallagher the Invincible Cat could get out through. Had to pause the interview to retrieve his dumb ass. It seemed to amuse my interviewers.
3) Overall nervousness made me sound like a blathering idiot at least twice.
4) Absolutely bombed the question "Why do you want to work at this particular position?" I was not ready for that one. I think it killed my chances. I can think of many things to say right now.

Things that went right

1) Fucking nailed it when they asked me to name five ready reference resources. I damn near forgot to mention local phone book.
2) I got better as it went along, thereby sounding less like the aforementioned blathering idiot.
3) I also nailed the question that always comes up, "Why do you want to work in a public library?"

Is there a process in this world, other than being tortured by Pat Buchanan, more difficult to deal with than job searching?

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