Thursday, March 20, 2003

The pregame show

Earlier this evening I couldn't help but turn on the news networks and see how they were covering the upcoming Iraqi war of liberation. I swear to god, CNN actually had a countdown to the deadline for Iraqi compliance to Bush's quadruple dog dare. I was waiting for Terry Bradshaw to show up and analyze the chances of the underdog Iraq against the powerhouse United States. He could tell us if the weak Iraqi defense actually had a chance against the well coached overpowering American offense. Has anybody laid any odds on this? What is the body count over/under for Iraqi military and civilian casulties and American casulties from friendly fire?

All that was missing from the pregame show was a sexy weather lady and the Up with War Dancers. Is there anyway to make a dance out of the steps involved with applying a tourniquet? There has to be. There is still time to get a half-time show together. I am sure Celine Dion or Mutt Lange's plastic wife could have song ready for that in just a few days.

One more goddamn thing

I flipped over to the horrible Fox 'news' network and saw their anchor blast Daschle for his comments on George Bush's diplomacy failings. After giving his strong anti-Daschle opinion he then went back to reporting on the news of the upcoming war. Opinion has always leaks into news but this Limbaughian move was, to me borderline unethical.

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