Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Just in case you were curious

Al Jazeera now has an English site here. It has been loading slow but give it a shot.

Who calls the war what

Each news service seems to desire to put its personal stamp on the American agression in Iraq. I went to the following web sites to see how they refer to the war. Officially at All We Need is Blog we refer to it as the "War in/on Iraq."

CNN: War in Iraq
CBS News: America at War
NBC Nightly News and MSNBC: Target iraq
ABC News: War with Iraq
Fox News: Operation Iraqi Freedom (Party line all the way, baby)
Al Jazeera.net: War on Iraq
BBC News: War in Iraq
NPR: War in Iraq
Washington Post: War in Iraq
New York Times: A Nation at War
Detroit News: Latest War News
Orlando Sentinel: War with Iraq
Seattle Times: The Iraq War
Sydney Morning Herald: War on Iraq
Amnesty International: Crisis in Iraq (not news but valid)
United Nations: The Situation in Iraq
Christian Broadcasting Network: War in the Gulf (they have a broader goal in mind)
Michael Moore: Operation Oily Residue
Pravda: War
Liberation (French): Le Conflit Avec I'Irak (The Conflict with Iraq)

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