Friday, March 14, 2003

Intervention time

Michael of has once again graced(?) the whole world with an acapulco version of a song.

The planned intervention will take place Sunday around noon after Michael gets back from church. His soul will be filled with the grace of god so he will be susceptible to suggestion.

Top ten songs that Michael should do acapulcolly

10. God of Thunder by Kiss
9. Theme song to Sanford and Son
8. Old Man River
7. Cars hiss by my window by the Doors
6. Anything by Rockbitch
5. That song by Tatu. He and James can make out during the song
4. Working Class Hero by John Lennon
3. House of Bamboo as done by Southern Culture on the Skids
2. Belsen was a Gas by the Sex Pistols
1. If Six was Nine by Jimi Hendrix

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