Saturday, March 22, 2003

I want to ride my bicycle

Today Wendell and I went for a glorious bike ride. We lazed around for most of the morning. He meditated on the couch and I watched a bit of the Busch race at Bristol. It was crash after crash for the Busch drivers today. For those that may care, Darrell Waltrip has become one hell of a good race announcer. He's knows hist shit and he's very funny. I also took Gallagher the invincible cat for a walk with the harness and leash. He loves doing that. I am glad I got him used to the leash while he is young and pliable. Once a cat gets older and is not accustomed to something he will freak out if you try something new on him. I learned that when I tried to take Pippin for a walk. The fur was flying.

Around three we inflated our bike tires and headed out. We cruised through Park Road Shopping center. Hit the wide back roads behind the shopping center and made our way to Freedom Park. The park was packed. There were people, walking, bicycling, jogging, laying on blankets, pushing strollers, kids were playing on the swings and monkey bars, spanex wearing women were playing beach volleyball, Hispanic men were playing soccer, people of all races and creeds were playing tennis, some guys were playing basketball, a homeless guy was sitting on a bench by the entrance, dogs on leashes were leading their humans around the pond, some kid was driving around a battery powered plastic jeep, a guy in a powered wheel chair was doing laps around the pond, rollerbladers flew through traffic like giant skeeters and somene was even trying to fly a box kite. I love it when the park is full of people. Charlotte feels like a community when that occurs.

We left the park and headed up to the Ben and Jerry's on Park Road by the Manor Theater. Wendell got ice cream and I got a bottle of water at the convenience store next door. I don't know how Wendell could eat ice cream in the middle of an 1 1/2 hour bike ride but he did. I would have hurled it back up after about half a mile. He has a constitution like no other.

Lastly I would like to thank the guy in the giant SUV for not killing me as I pulled into the convenience store to buy that bottle of water. I pass one more day by not ending up as a grease spot in the road.

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