Tuesday, March 18, 2003


Anti-war debate aside (I think it's obvious how I feel) I found it interesting last night to once again watch Bush try to convince us of the grave consequences of not killing Iraqis. What I found most stiking were the import of his words when he officially gave the Iraqi dictator 48 hours to get the hell out of Dodge. Instead of hours he should have given him until sundown Thursday. Even when I heard and read that he was going to make such a statement you are not prepared for such a finality. It's like when the plane taking me to boot camp landed in San Diego. I felt that same dread of irreversability. As always with such speeches you know what is going to be said so the presentation becomes what you concentrate on. No one was swayed from their former position but everything is now laid out for us and we are committed. I will pray for a low death toll.

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