Sunday, March 09, 2003

Bless you, ma'am

I received a call here at the 'brary yesterday from a delightful angry old lady. She wanted me to find out how Democratic minority leader, Nancy Pelosi had voted on the H.J. Resolution 114. This is the vote that gave our ding dong of a president the authority to kill lots of folk in Iraq. She got herself all worked up, informed me that she was 86 and didn't believe one man should be allowed to make such a decision. Being the consummate professional that I am, I refrained from chiming in my support of her position but she did go on to say how she would love to have a list of how every member of congress voted on that resolution. I had the list in front of me courtesy of the House's website and I offered to mail it to her. She enthusiastically took me up on that and told me I was a sweetheart. I hope she raises holy hell with a few congressman.

Spring inches closer

No, it's not the lovely 70 degree weather we are having today that causes me to think of spring. It's the crazy guy I saw at the corner of Trade and Tryon holding a bible preaching to no one that signals that spring is crawling ever closer.

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