Wednesday, February 05, 2003

These are revelations?

So our secretary of state goes in front of the United Nations and shows evidence that Iraq is deceptive and dangerous. Duh. They've been that for a long-ass time. That still does not detract from the fact that Bush wants to go to war. That's all this really boils down to. For whatever reason, this administration desires to go to Iraq and kill people. They can drum up whatever reason they want to make an impotent Iraq appear dangerous but they ain't fooling me. They just want to kill.

You gotta love the rhetoric that gets used by the president. He tries to create an atmosphere of tension and give us the feeling that we are threatened. He talks up this intangible ideal of the "strength of the American people." This Rooseveltian and Churchillian language is empty unless there is a real danger from a prospective foe. A fight to keep gas prices low is not enough to fire up the American fighting spirit. The real danger is from staging a war is an unstable part of the world. What are you going to do if a war starts, print of propaganda posters that say "loose lips raise prices at the pump?" "Support our hegemony?" "You ain't seen nothin' yet?"

Maybe all these guys that desire to go into Iraq and finish what was started in the Gulf War would feel better if they each could kill one or two Iraqi's. Perhaps Saddam could ship over about 100 convicted murderers or rapists and those in the administration with an unfulfilled desire to take life could execute a prisoner or two. Those particularly hawkish can have two and those just curious about the senstation only get one. The form of death can be up to the executioner. He can poison, shoot, stab or push his prisoner off a cliff. Whatever gets him off. Just as long as someone barely in his twenties doesn't have to go overseas and put his ass on the line.

We could use the same strategy for those officials who want us to drill for oil in northern Alaska. You can give each of these characters a quart of oil and a square yard of turf that is planted in a wooden box. The official can then pour the oil into the box and watch the grass die over a period of a few days. He'll get the same rush of destrucion he can get from unleashing the oil companies on virgin land.

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