Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Telephone Reference Department Felled by Mystery Ailment

That is a headline I am afraid we will see in the local paper someday. Today I had to rifle through a stack of boxes that had recently been donated. I had to seperate the chaff from the sellable items. Some of the books were very old and moldy. Some even had holes marking the passage of bookworms. These nasty books were mixed in with some very nice new fiction and cook books. I am afraid someday that when I am sorting these old, dusty, moldy and generally nasty books that I am going to disturb the spore of some disease that has been long thought erradicated. I will develop symptoms that will go unrecognized by current medical knowledge. I will then spread this dread disease to my co-workers in telref and we will all die in agony within days of each other. Either that will happen or my sinuses will flair up. Both are very bad.

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