Wednesday, February 26, 2003

new fountain

I likes me a fountain. I like interactive fountains. I remember a water fountain at a mall near Camp Pendleton, CA. It had fountains that shot streams of water over your head from one pot to another. It was my first experience with such a fountain and, being a hick, I found it fascinating. There is a similar fountain here in Charlotte at the Transamerica Building. They have a fountain there that has several streams that shoot over a grilled base. This allows you to run through it if you are so brave. I tried it once while I was dating Sparky but we both ended up wet.

All this leads up to the butt plug style fountain (scroll to the bottom) that has been put up in front of the new Bank of America building called the Hearst Tower. Despite its unfortunate appearance to the perverted its design is intriguing. It has lights inside it and the water flows out smoothly from the top and runs down the sides of the fountain. The photo on the right shows the fountain with a little white water. That appears to only have happened as they were testing it. When it runs now the water does come out slowly. The whole concept must be to have the water flow down the sculpture.

More fountains, please.

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