Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Make no Mistake, we will prevail

I have mended my ways of thinking and feeling and believing about this impending struggle. Earlier I changed my mind for a bit because I thought going to war was inevitable because of the natural war-like nature of the human animal. We either want to fuck it or kill it. Either way, we want to eat it. So I might as well quit bitching and get on the war wagon and find some way to profit from it like a true American. I could sell "camel fucker" t-shirts or American flags or both at a roadside stand. I guess the only way a private citizen could make any real scratch from this war would be to sell arms to Iraq but I don't have the connections for that kind of enterprise. Not long after I became anti-war again when I realized, as Bill Hicks said many times, that it is time for us to evolve and maybe by avoiding this needless conflict we can move forward as a species to the next step.

Now the reason I have come into the war camp this time is due to the quote I posted yesterday in my blog about the strength of a nation depends directly on its wealth. Now I understand. This isn't about proper moral decisions or the evolution of our species this is about power and survival. Right or wrong can't enter into this discussion of Iraq. The real question is if we take control of Iraq will we become stronger as a nation? Of course we will. Whether or not it makes the lives of average Americans more dangerous or the lives of the average Iraqi shorter is not a consideration we can allow. We will become stronger and our existence will be assured for a while longer. What did I learn once? Oh yeah, an institution lives only to continue its existence, this war will do that for us. Our wealth will grow and with it our strength.

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