Sunday, February 02, 2003

It's in a loop and we can't stop it!

Yesterday after I got home from work I turned on the television to get an idea of how the news networks were covering the shuttle accident. No new information about the tragedy was forthcoming. I didn't really expect any but I had to check. I do have to say the CNN's coverage was the most tasteless. They were broadcasting in a split screen with varous "experts" and "reporters" yakking away about nothing on the left side while the other side was showing video of the acccident from every angle possible. I didn't mind that too much because I hadn't seen the footage and I was naturally curious. What was disturbing about CNN's coverage was the need of the female anchor, when talking to a field reporter in Texas, to mention the possibility of falling debris and "body parts." Where did that come from? 30 seconds later she did it again. It was pure conjecture on her part. There had been no mention yet of the discovery of human remains but this dolt was pressing the issue on the possibility of the there being a flurry of human remains over east Texas. Right before I took my after-work nap I saw some live footage of a couple of hundred people gathered around a cordonned off parking lot that contained a car-door-sized piece of shuttle debris. I was waiting for someone to grab it and holler Follow the Gourd! No follow the shoe! No follow this blackened piece of debris!

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