Monday, February 03, 2003

It's a bus not a godamn go-kart, you sumbitch!

My bus driver this morning was a friendly cuss. He cheerfully responed to my 'good morning' as I got on and even gave me a friendly wave as I got off. In between these two congenialities he turned into the Tasmanian Devil in driving gloves. He had two speeds during my commute: full and stop. He would brake at the last moment at bus stops. He bounced off the curb during the tight s-turn at the intersection of Park and Park. My lower back is still tender from the potholes on the bridge over I-277 that he hit dead on at full speed. That sumbitch. I was tempted to say "See ya later, Earnhardt" when I got off the bus but it's hard to be witty when your internal organs are shifting back into their proper positions.

Teen slut and hard cock haiku

I get the same kinda vibe when Barbara here at work reads us her junk mail but this guy has taken the subject headings of his spam email and made haiku poetry out of it. I don't usually link to a stranger's blog but what the hell. Even strangers need hits.

What the fuck is going on here?

Is this animal cruelty or just stupid?

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