Saturday, February 15, 2003

Hey, I made it onto TV!!!

I went to the peace/anti-war/anti-Bush rally today at Marshall Park in Charlotte. There were several hundred people in attendance. According to the local news coverage it was the biggest crowd yet in Charlotte since the protests had started back in January. There were some very clever signs in the audience. I had two favorites. First was sgin carried by a nice lady. It was a sign with pictures cut from magazines of hawkish leaders and she had written "asses of evil" on the sign. The second sign was carried by a young man wearing a bandana over his face. His sign read "Fuck Bush's War."

WBTV had a short story on their six o'clock news. I saw myself standing in the background greeting James as he was walking up. I think I am onscreen for about 7 1/2 seconds. Almost long enough for an officially scored bull ride.

We left before the event concluded. There were a lot of speakers. A lot of speakers. Too many speakers. After almost two hours I couldn't take it anymore. New speakers started repeating what earlier speakers has said. All of it worthwile but my back was starting to hurt so I had to go.

I was especially appreciative of the representative of the Nation of Islam. He invited everyone to join his group in viewing a live "via satellite" speech by Farrakhan. He neglected to mention, while he was speaking, that they are requesting a ten dollar donation at the door. I have to say I love those suits and bow ties the men from Nation of Islam wear. There is never any mistaking who these guys are. I'm not sure who's uniforms I like more, theirs or the outfits the Mormon missionaries wear.

I was impressed by the many different people that came to the rally. There were people of all colors, kids, their parents, teens, thirty somethings, old hippies, nuns, muslims, baptists, two affectionate middle-aged lesbians, librarians and two cops on scooters.

It was a very positive event and my first peace rally. Do you think anyone was listening?

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