Friday, February 07, 2003

A good week at work?

I feel that I had a good productive week at work this last week. This frightens me because every time I feel like this something bad happens. I am sure there is something I either did wrong or didn't do that will come back to haunt me Monday. I am sure I will oversleep Monday morning and my boss will be waiting for me by my desk angry because I messed something up the previous week and was late to hear about it.

A question from Spain

A very old and good friend of mine lives in Valencia, Spain. He is an English instructor and I think he is now a coordinator of some sort at the school. That sounds bad but I can never figure out what someone really does at work when they tell me.

He wrote me an email message which I received and responded to a few minutes ago. It was a letter that he sent to several of his friends and family that live here in the states. His quetion was what was the general opinion of Americans toward the potential slaugher in Iraq. I refuse to call it a war because as Bill Hicks said about the Gulf War, "a war is when two armies are fighting." My response to him was that it seems to me that most people don't really give a shit about the upcoming conflict. The general attitude seems to be that it can happen just as long as it doesn't inconvenience us too much. Let's keep them gas prices down and keep the fresh fruit coming during the winter.

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