Monday, February 10, 2003

Ed's Amazing Journey

Saturday I dropped by work this weekend to do stuff. I can't tell you what, it's a secret. I coudn't do what I had come to do because something I had seen wasn't what I wanted and I didn't bring the correct disc anway so I couldn't have done completely what I needed to do after all if I hadn't misread what I had. Something like that. So I went downstairs, checked out a CD and then left.

I was walking down to the bus station to head back home and I saw my bus leave as I was walking up. Since it was Saturday I had a half hour to kill before the next bus left. For the hell of it I decided to walk down the bus route for a while and wait by a stop around the time the next bus was due to arrive. It was a gorgeous cool Carolina winter day so I was up for a walk anyway. After a few minutes of hoofing it I decided to see how far I could go before I got tired or bored. I got tired and bored around the same time. I made it as far as the Holy Trinity Middle School on Park Rd.

Things I noticed on my walk:

Over passes are scary.
I know there are a lot of people in this town yet neighborhoods feel like ghost towns.
There are still downed branches from the ice storm all over the damn place.
Lots of homes have cracked paint around their winows.
Most homes with high wooden fences have shitty backyards.
If there is a hole in your fence that is low enough your dog will stick his head through and watch traffic.
When you walk a long distance, first you feet hurt, then they go numb. (I knew that but it had been a while since I had walked so far)
There are a few really cool houses for rent on Tremont east of South Blvd.
The first album by the Clash is a fucking masterpiece.
It's best to stay on roads you know because making a wrong turn when you are on foot is depressing.
Always carry spare batteries for you portable CD player.
They sell batteries at the Bi-Lo on Park Rd.

Here's map of a reccomended car route of the journey I took. The path ends in front of the school I stopped at.

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