Thursday, February 06, 2003


My comments yesterday may have been taken as a direct indictment of the motives of the current administration. OK, they were. But let me make one thing perfectly clear, I don't harbor any particular resentment for a republican administration. I am not a Democrat, I don't despise Republicans just because of who they is. Allow me to quote Bill Hicks, "all governments are liars and murderers." Replacing this administration with a Democratic one would not make me happy. The change has to be cultural and that ain't going to happen in my lifetime.

With that said maybe we should just go ahead and go to war. Who really cares what the motives are. let's just find some way to get the people fired up, slaughter a few hundred thousand "enemy combatants." I get it now, it's our nature. We can't not go to war. We have to fight or we'll explode or become apathetic and boring. We'll lose our creative drive. This administration is unfortunate to live in the information age. Bush can't do something similar to what FDR did with the Japanese oil supply to force their hand. He maneouvers inside a glass bubble. His machinations won't wait thirty years to surface.

We need to live in a world that is a Marty Robbins song. Where Mexican maids love outlaw cowboys who die gloriously and bloodlessly for their women is dusty west Texas streets. The alamo is a song and a battle cry and those that died there did so without regret while focusing on their place in history, becoming symbols and they lose their lives. Cowboy troubadors lament their demise with an old six string around a dying fire while the walking food things mew contentedly under a sky blanketed with stars. What the hell, I'll join this fantasy world. Hitch up them ponies and head on over there. I'll stay behind and sings the songs of your heroism.

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