Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Bedlam in telref

Today we got to use our new phones! We received our new phones yesterday. They are cordless and we have headphones to hook up to them. Hands free telreffing! Magic. We were so excited today that we almost opened up the phones early but cooler heads prevailed and we waited until 9. Not only do we get to go 'hands free' the phones have several different rings we can choose from. I use the one that sounds like a steel drum riff and Walt's sounds like the beginning music for Donkey Kong and Edith's sounds like a songbird. Feels like were on a Caribbean cruise back here. These next few weeks will be known as the salad days in telref.
When Shouting Deaf Man calls now I should be able to lay down and take a nap with these headphones.

A couple of Churchill Quotes

"The power of any government depends ultimately on its finances."

On Richard I: "His life was one magnificent parade, which, when ended, left only an empty plain."

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